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They Always Come Back

“They Always Come Back” is a riveting narrative that traces the tumultuous journey of Jack Maloney, a once-promising heavyweight contender whose career takes a nosedive following a devastating defeat. Through the course of the story, Maloney grapples with his inner demons, the specter of past failures, and the daunting challenge of making a comeback in the brutal world of boxing. The story is not only a testament to the resilience and tenacity required to overcome adversity but also a deep dive into the psychological battles athletes face.

The Fightin’est Pair

‘The Fightin’est Pair’ is a Sailor Steve Costigan short story by Robert E. Howard. It was originally published in the November 1931 issue of Action Stories as ‘Breed of Battle’. It is now in the public domain. Alternative titles are: ‘Breed of Battle’ and ‘Samson had a soft spot’.

Talons in the Dark

“Talons in the Dark” unfolds a mysterious and chilling tale set against the backdrop of the secluded White Lake, where Joel Brill, a man of science, becomes entangled in a horrifying series of events following the brutal murder of his friend, Jim Reynolds. What starts as a perplexing murder investigation soon spirals into a deadly confrontation with a primal terror that transcends the boundaries of the known world.

Beyond the Black River – 6

“Beyond the Black River” is one of the original short stories about Conan the Cimmerian. First published in Weird Tales magazine, May-June 1935. The story was republished in the collections King Conan (Gnome Press, 1953) and Conan the Warrior (Lancer Books, 1967). It has since been published a numerous times in many languages. It’s set in the pseudo-historical Hyborian Age and concerns Conan’s battle against a savage tribe of Picts in the unsettled lands beyond the infamous Black River.