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Swords of Shahrazar

Swords of Shahrazar” is a direct sequel to “The Treasures of Tartary”, following Kirby O’Donnell only days later. The story starts with a recap of “The Treasures of Tartary”, then brings us up to date.

Untitled fragment (Feel the edge, dog, and move not!)

UNTITLED FRAGMENT (Feel the edge, dog, and move not!).

SWORDS OF SHAHRAZAR was originally offered to VI Cooper for THRILLING ADVENTURES, somebody asked for a rewrite, and REH rewrote the opening significantly. It was then offered again to Cooper, who turned it down, and it was subsequently sold to Miller with TOP-NOTCH.

The Legend of El Borak

An article written by Rick Lai about the Legend of El Borak. Best known for his tales of heroic fantasy, Robert E. Howard (1906-36) also wrote contemporary tales of adventure for the pulps. Howard was influenced by Talbot Mundy, a major writer for Adventure in the 1920’s. Mundy’s heroes were American and British adventurers roving around India and the Middle East. Utilizing Mundy’s settings, Howard fashioned his own band of protagonists. Among Howard’s soldiers of fortune, the most famous is Francis Xavier Gordon.

Kirby O’Donnell

Kirby O’Donnell is a fictional character created by American author Robert E. Howard. He is an American treasure hunter who operates in early-twentieth century Afghanistan disguised as a Kurdish merchant named “Ali el Ghazi.” O’Donnell appears in three stories written by Howard, two of which were published during his lifetime. The stories featuring Kirby O’Donnell are noted for their blend of historical adventure, action, and intrigue.

The Treasures of Tartary


Kirby O’Donnell is an American treasure hunter, created by Howard, in early-twentieth-century Afghanistan disguised as a Kurdish merchant, “Ali el Ghazi”. Howard only wrote three stories about O’Donnell, one of which was not published within his lifetime.

Hawk of the Hills

HAWK OF THE HILLS is an El Borak short story by Robert E. Howard. It was originally published in the June 1935 issue of the pulp magazine Top-Notch.