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Collected letters available on Amazon

The Collected Letters of Robert E. Howard volume 1, Ultimate Edition, is now available on Amazon in both hardcover and paperback. For people outside the US, this is especially good news since the total cost is reduced.  The main reason for the delay on both the paperback and Collected Letters volume 2 and 3 have […]

Robert E. Howard as a boy

The article, written by Elsie Burns and published in the Cross Plains Review on July 10, 1936, recounts her first encounter with a young Robert E. Howard and his dog Patches, and their subsequent friendship. Burns describes Howard’s imaginative play and his devotion to his family, and notes his success as an author.

Robert E. Howard Art Chronology on Kickstarter

More updates on this 4-volume series.

Officially licensed and sanctioned by Robert E. Howard Properties LLC, Inc., this nearly 1,500 page examination of the vast publishing illustrated history of Robert E. Howard is divided into four parts. All four volumes are 9.5″ x 12.25″ in size, full color, smyth sewn hardcovers with dust jackets! The slip case will have a heavy board and gloss cover! With more art, page, history and content the standard set will eventually retail for $275-$300.

This project is as much a narrative history of REH’s publications as it is a visual history. Michael Tierney, the author, has combed the archives and gathered together a vast treasure trove of art, from pulp covers to interior art, from novels that range on both sides of the Atlantic to the vast array of comic books that sported REH’s amazing creations. He’s taken these and woven them into a discussion that explores the many facets of the various industries and Howard’s place within them.

Patch – The One Who Walked with Robert E. Howard

Robert E. Howard was known for his affection for animals. At the time of his passing, 13 stray cats frequented his residence. However, one animal held a special place in his heart: his beloved dog, Patch. Patch served as a source of inspiration and fond memories for many of Robert’s stories later in life, and they were inseparable companions for over a dozen years. In an article by Ståle Gismervik, we learn more about Patch, and his bond with Robert. Read on to discover more about this extraordinary canine companion.

I Put a Spell on You: Robert E. Howard’s Conjure and Voodoo Stories

In his writing, Robert E. Howard made frequent use of subjects from history and folklore, especially — in keeping with his Southern heritage and Texas upbringing — that of both the American Southwest, and the Deep South. This includes elements from the African-American folk magic practices popularly known as conjure (or hoodoo) and voodoo, which turn up to create fear and atmosphere in various tales of horror and “weird mystery,” most famously in “Black Canaan” and “Pigeons from Hell.”

The World of Robert E. Howard

This is my contribution and my way of giving respect and honor to the greatest writer of all times, Robert E. Howard. I don’t know of any other author so versatile. Horror, boxing, humor, westerns, detective and desert adventures among others.