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The Children of the Night

‘The Children of the Night’ is a 1931 short story by Robert E. Howard, belonging to the Cthulhu Mythos. It was first published in the pulp magazine Weird Tales in the April/May 1931 issue. Howard earned $60 for this publication.

The story starts with six people sitting in John Conrad’s study: Conrad himself, Clemants, Professor Kirowan, Taverel, Ketrick and the narrator John O’Donnel. O’Donnel describes them all as Anglo-Saxon with the exception of Ketrick. Ketrick, although he possesses a documented pure Anglo-Saxon lineage, appears to have slightly Mongolian-looking eyes and an odd lisp that O’Donnel finds distasteful.

The Valley of the Worm

The story begins with James Allison, lying on his deathbed, reminiscing about his past lives. He believes he has lived through many incarnations, always as a member of the Aryan or Nordheimer race. Allison recalls a specific life as Niord, a powerful warrior, and his encounter with a horrific, demonic entity known as the Worm.

Marchers of Valhalla

The story opens with James Allison, who, upon encountering a mysterious woman, is sent on a visionary journey into the past. He becomes Hialmar, a member of the Æsir, a group of powerful, golden-haired warriors. This transformation leads Hialmar and his fellow Æsir on a remarkable journey that spans diverse landscapes and confronts various civilizations.

Dig Me No Grave

“Dig Me No Grave” is a gripping tale by Robert E. Howard intertwines elements of horror, the occult, and the supernatural. Considered part of the Cthulhu Mythos. Sold for $100.00. This horror story appeared in Weird Tales in 1937 after Howard died in 1936.

The Devil’s Joker

In “The Devil’s Joker,” Robert E. Howard weaves a gripping Western tale centered around Steve Allison, also known as The Sonora Kid. The story begins in a bar where Bill Harrigan plays a prank on Steve by using a harmless snake. Unaware of Steve’s intense fear of snakes, the joke takes a dark turn when Steve, in a moment of panic, shoots Bill in the stomach, thinking he’s defending himself from a deadly threat.

The Dead Remember

“The Dead Remember” tells the tale of Jim Gordon, who is plagued by supernatural guilt and revenge after murdering an African American couple named Joel and Jezebel. In a letter to his friend Bill, Jim explains how he killed the couple in a drunken rage months earlier, after which Jezebel cursed him with her dying words.

Cultured Cauliflowers

‘Cultured Cauliflowers’ is an unpublished manuscript by Patrick Ervin found after Howard’s death. ‘Cultured Cauliflowers’ was edited and retitled ‘In High Society’. Cross Plains Library has one original draft of this story and a retyped draft by the Otis Adelbert Kline Agency.


Almuric is a science fiction novel by American writer Robert E. Howard. It was originally serialized in three parts in the magazine Weird Tales beginning in May 1939. The novel was first published in book form in 1964 by Ace Books.