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Murderer’s Grog

Murderer’s Grog. One of Howard’s spicy stories was published under the name Sam Walser. Alternative title: Outlaw Working. Featuring Wild Bill Clanton.

Desert Blood

One of Howard’s spicy stories was published with the name Sam Walser. “Desert Blood” is a vivid narrative, encapsulating the adventurous and tumultuous escapades of Wild Bill Clanton, an American in Tebessa, and his encounters with various individuals across the Barbary region. The story weaves through themes of love, betrayal, courage, and cultural clashes, reflecting the pulpy, exotic, and often politically incorrect ethos of its time.

Casonetto’s Last Song

About a Satanic cult and a haunted record. A record is sent to Stephen Gordon after the death of Casonetto. Also featuring his friend Steve Costigan who might or might not be the boxer sailor Steve Costigan.

Sword & Fantasy #8

Fanzine published by James Van Hise. Contains a very badly translated story from the Spanish comic book, lots of reviews and essays. It also features a story of Solomon Kane, written by Van Hise. Actually quite good.