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Sons of Hate

“Sons of Hate” by Robert E. Howard follows detectives Butch Gorman and Brent Kirby as they navigate a complex case involving their client, Colonel John A. Pembroke. Amidst threats and mysterious attacks, they uncover a twisted plot involving an ancient Egyptian relic, buried secrets, and a deadly vendetta that threatens to consume all involved.

The Legend of El Borak

An article written by Rick Lai about the Legend of El Borak. Best known for his tales of heroic fantasy, Robert E. Howard (1906-36) also wrote contemporary tales of adventure for the pulps. Howard was influenced by Talbot Mundy, a major writer for Adventure in the 1920’s. Mundy’s heroes were American and British adventurers roving around India and the Middle East. Utilizing Mundy’s settings, Howard fashioned his own band of protagonists. Among Howard’s soldiers of fortune, the most famous is Francis Xavier Gordon.

Hand of the Black Goddess

In “The Hand of the Black Goddess,” a seemingly ordinary setting is thrust into a web of danger and mystery as Kirby, a private investigator, encounters a series of cryptic and menacing events. Starting with a puzzling warning from a dark, imposing stranger, Kirby’s world spirals into a treacherous adventure involving a dead body in his office and a deepening international intrigue.

Tales of Weird Menace

Tales of Weird Menace collects Howard’s Weird Menace and Yellow Peril yarns, many of which have never seen book publication in the U.S. It includes a hefty “Miscellanea” section featuring hard-to-find fragments and synopses. This volume is 473 pages, plus introductory material.

Two-Fisted Detective

A chapbook or fanzine from May 1984 mostly Steve Harrison Detective stories.The Voice of Death published for the first time here. There is also a second issue of ‘Two-Fisted Detective Stories’, but that doesn’t contain anything by Howard.